Makes Data Readily Accessible for Discovery

BitFlare is a revolutionary new software tool that allows non-experts to perform computer forensics, electronic evidence discovery, and data preservation. BitFlare makes data readily accessible for discovery and computer analysis in more situations than ever before possible.

Reduces Cost of Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics

BitFlare saves time and reduces costs of computer investigations by simplifying and streamlining the process of computer forensics and electronic data discovery. It provides a simple step-by-step interface that allows even non-experts to perform these functions. BitFlare allows users to quickly identify suspicious data, and to collect and preserve evidence for use in investigation or in response to litigation. BitFlare's process automates and preserves the chain-of-custody to ensure evidence collected is admissible in court.

Free to Try

BitFlare is free to try-you pay only if you find relevant data. You can request the BitFlare client application, which is a fully tested and fully supported software tool, at no cost. The simple to use wizard interface allows you to investigate data including deleted and partial files for potential evidence. If you find something relevant, you can purchase an Evidence Discovery Pack (EDP) which extracts and preserves the data, automating and preserving the chain of custody. All of these tasks can be completed for only a fraction of the cost of traditional computer forensics or electronic data discovery services.

Backed by Computer Forensics Experts

If at any time during the process, you decide that you need more help than BitFlare can provide, SunBlock Systems, the maker of BitFlare, has a team of certified computer forensic experts that can help you.

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