BitFlare has helped clients in a wide range of situations solve problems quickly and cost effectively. Here's what some people are saying about BitFlare:

"In companies today, the potential for corporate litigation exists everywhere, including from internal sources. As a global company, implementing a policy to preserve the computer data for all departing employees has always been a goal, but the time and expense has made it difficult, expensive and time-consuming until now. With the introduction of BitFlare, SunBlock Systems makes it possible to preserve a computer's hard drive safely and efficiently anywhere in the world. This preserved data can be inexpensively shipped to a central location where it can be secured, knowing that it will be available for litigation should an issue ever arise. With BitFlare, companies everywhere can now make this a standard HR practice"

LeMarque Sheppard, President
Vance International, Inc.
Centreville, Virginia, USA

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"As an IT professional, I realize that when potential litigation is involved it is important to protect the evidence, so as not to destroy it during an examination. When a client came to me saying he was suspicious about an employee's activities and asked me to examine the deleted files on his computer, I knew I needed help. In the past when I needed this kind of help it required expensive computer forensics consultants. BitFlare allowed me to conduct the straightforward examination and evidence recovery myself at a fraction of the cost. The evidence was safely preserved, and I was able to answer my client's questions about his employee's activities. BitFlare is going to make performing many standard computer forensic investigations a simple, affordable, and secure option that is available to IT professionals everywhere."

Sukmar Srinivasan
arcaid systems
Washington DC, USA

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"I used BitFlare to help with a domestic issue. It allowed me to gather the evidence I needed to move beyond fear and suspicion and to address the issue with definitive proof. Because of BitFlare, my family and I have been able to face the issue and move past it, and my life is getting back to normal. I would never have been able to afford the time and expense of doing this without BitFlare. Your product is undisputable, solid, and can withstand the scrutiny of our legal system, and it provides this capability to people who are not technical experts. You are a genius!"

Ruth A. - Louisiana, USA

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