Training Overview

Broaden your BitFlare knowledge.

BitFlare was made to be used by non-experts. Anyone comfortable with a computer can use it to conduct computer forensics and e-discovery.

BitFlare certification courses and training will broaden your knowledge and capabilities with the tool. Learn how to handle unique situations that regular BitFlare users may encounter at some point:

  • Best practices for handling extracted data and drive images
  • Non-standard computer configurations
  • Coping with failing hardware
  • Choosing the most cost-effective combination of EDPs
  • Different ways to review large amounts of extracted data

Some certifications will help increase your computer investigative skills and keep abreast of recent trends in computer analysis and electronic discovery.

These training courses are optional for using BitFlare however some organizations that heavily utilize BitFlare prefer the additional knowledge gained in these courses. These training courses provide you with hands-on experience and knowledge so you can quickly leverage all of the capabilities of BitFlare.

How to Register

Details for our individual certifications can be found here.

Bring a Training Course To Your Area

Interested in training, but can't find a suitable option? Work with SunBlock Systems and its training partners to set up a convenient training near you by contacting us with your needs.