About SunBlock Systems

SunBlock Systems, founded in 2002, is the maker of BitFlare, a product that offers a revolutionary approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery. BitFlare was conceived by SunBlock's team of experts after years of providing computer forensic analysis services for a wide range of clients. They realized that computer forensics was not being used in many situations where it could provide great value, because of the expense and/or time involved to bring in experts. SunBlock Systems recognized the need for a lower-cost solution that could be used in many situations without the expertise of a highly trained computer forensic investigator. BitFlare is that solution.

In addition to providing and supporting BitFlare, SunBlock Systems operates a computer forensics laboratory, and we provide advanced computer forensic services both in the laboratory and onsite globally.

The SunBlock Systems team consists of technology experts trained in proper electronic evidence acquisition and handling techniques. The team has participated in hundreds of confidential computer and Internet investigations for high-profile electronic forensics cases in the United States and abroad. Team members hold technical certifications, including CISSP, CCE, and MCSE, ensuring an understanding of computer security best practices and state-of-the-art techniques. The team's technology experience spans data communications and telecommunications, computer applications, data encryption, enterprise architecture, software development, and convergence networks (e.g., VoIP).

SunBlock Systems is a licensed Virginia Private Security Services business.