What is BitFlare?

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BitFlare is the first tool that can be used by non-experts to perform a wide range of verifiable standard computer forensics and electronic data discovery functions. BitFlare is easy to use and requires no specialized training.

  • Efficient tools speed up the electronic data discovery process, reducing the time and costs of electronic investigations.
  • BitFlare supports the review of e-mail and files, including hidden files and files that have been deleted or partially overwritten, allowing for effective investigations even in cases where someone has tried to cover their tracks.
  • BitFlare enables users to find out quickly if relevant digital evidence exists or if a potential incident has occurred - all of which speeds the data recovery process and improves decision making during the investigative process.
  • When evidence is found, BitFlare enables users to extract relevant data, digitally sign it, and preserve it to increase the admissibility in a court of law. Extracted evidence also is available for more detailed review.
  • BitFlare's 'Preserve Drive' feature allows users to obtain a free EDP to extract and preserve all of the data on a drive. These data can be sent to SunBlock Systems' computer forensics investigators for further investigation and analysis.
  • BitFlare can be run on multiple computers at once, allowing rapid triage to determine which computers are of interest in time critical investigations.
  • Every BitFlare digital investigation generates a log file that can be independently verified to ensure that procedures were used correctly and data were not changed. This helps maintain the chain-of-custody for the evidence.

BitFlare's patent pending design is both powerful and easy to use.

Backed by SunBlock Systems - Computer Forensics Experts

SunBlock Systems' computer forensic professionals stand behind BitFlare and can be brought in to help at any time, if you become uncomfortable continuing the computer forensic investigation on your own. SunBlock also can act as a third party verification agent for log files to help preserve and validate chain-of-custody and ensure the evidence will stand up to scrutiny.

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